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Quit commercial tobacco for good with the American Indian Commercial Tobacco Program (AICTP). Our customized program involves you from the start of your quit journey so you will succeed. Learn More >>



See how much smoking commercial tobacco has cost you and your health.


What does a pack of 20 cigarettes cost you?


How many cigarettes do you smoke per day?

How many years have you smoked?


You have smoked approximately {{total|number}} cigarettes! Smoking cigarettes costs you ${{weekly|number}} per week, ${{monthly|number}} per month, ${{yearly|number}} per year.

Based on national average of cigarettes smoked and the average seven years of life lost due to smoking, smokers lose 5.5 minutes of life per cigarette smoked. At this rate, your life may be shortened by as much as {{hours|number}} hours per year by smoking {{daily|number}} cigarettes per day. This works out to {{lost|number}} days lost per year.

No one can forecast the exact amount of life lost from smoking. However, when you quit smoking YOU CAN become healthier and improve the quality of your life.

If you continue smoking, you will smoke {{nextYear|number}} cigarettes over the next year, {{next5years|number}} cigarettes over the next five years and {{next10years|number}} cigarettes over the next ten years. Don’t forget that each of these cigarettes decreases your lifespan too!

Total Days Lifespan Reduced:
Total Days Have Smoked:
Cost to Date:


We've helped thousands of American Indians on their journey. Read their stories.

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At 65, Chogun can breathe better and play with his grandchildren. “Call the Quitline,” Chogun says.

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“I struggled with quitting,” Joe says. "But I called the Quitline and they understood my struggles."

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"The AICTP helped me quit smoking. I’m six weeks in and I feel like I can do it this time with my Coach behind me."


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