Every day, Indigenous People choose the American Indian Commercial Tobacco Program (AICTP) to help them on their journey to quit using commercial tobacco. The program is free and confidential.

Our American Indian Coaches understand that traditional tobacco is vital to the future of American Indian culture and to passing traditional knowledge on to the next generations of families and community. Quitting commercial tobacco is one of the most important steps a person can take for preserving their health, the health of their families and of the community.

American Indians report the highest rates of commercial tobacco use in the United States by race and ethnicity. The use of commercial tobacco together with less access to good health care means American Indians are at the highest risk for chronic diseases caused by smoking, including heart disease, diabetes and lung diseases, like COPD and emphysema.

Today, more than 60% of people who ever smoked commercial cigarettes have quit! Our Coaches are trained Tobacco Treatment Specialists who have helped thousands of American Indians on their quit journey. We know support from our American Indian Coaches and using quit medications increases the chance of success. Our Coaches connect participants with free medications, self-help materials, text or email messages. You also have access to an online community for more support.

Whether you’re ready to quit today, just curious about quitting and want information, or you’re supporting a loved one who uses commercial tobacco, we can help.

Why Choose AICTP?

  • AICTP was created for American Indians with input from American Indians. We held listening circles with Tribes and communities across the Mountain West, Plains, and Great Lakes Regions to build our program.
  • AICTP is staffed by American Indian Coaches. All our Coaches complete intensive Tobacco Treatment Specialist training; and understand the unique challenges American Indians face in quitting commercial tobacco.
  • AICTP is always free to participants. Your public health department or health plan covers all program costs, including quit medication, so you can focus on quitting.
  • AICTP is personalized to your unique situation. You create the details of your plan, including how you speak with a Coach, how often you speak with a Coach and whether you use quit medications.
  • AICTP uses proven strategies for success. We have helped thousands of American Indians on their quit journey, and we can help you quit commercial tobacco.
  • AICTP is operated by National Jewish Health, the nation's leading respiratory hospital. Our organization is known for its expertise in preventing and treating life-threatening and chronic diseases. Our Quitline program is consistently among the most effective in the country.

Learn How the Program Works