In the American Indian Commercial Tobacco Program (AICTP), we understand the challenge you face in quitting commercial tobacco. We know the line between commercial and traditional tobacco has blurred. While many people are inspired to reclaim traditional tobacco use as sacred, it is hard quitting commercial tobacco. National Jewish Health, launched the AICTP as a specialized program in 2015. We have decades of experience operating quitlines and helping American Indians in the United States quit commercial tobacco. We have the right tools to help you quit commercial tobacco for good.

The AICTP is currently available in Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Utah, Vermont and Wyoming. 

Choose a Plan

AICTP offers three programs. Choose the program best for you based on the type of communication and support you need.

Phone + Online Coaching
Research shows people who use phone coaching services are more likely to quit than people who choose online-only options or try to quit on their own. Our Phone + Online program provides the most support — American Indian Coaches talk to you on the phone and use technology-based support, including email, text plus educational materials, quit progress tracking and access to an online community through our website.

Phone Coaching Only
Our Phone-Only program includes coaching over the phone and technology-based support including email and text. You’ll also receive educational materials by mail or email, a guide for developing your quit plan and help tracking your progress.

Online Coaching Only
When you select our Online Only program, you receive access to educational materials, quit planning, quit progress tracking and an online community, all through our website. You can go at your own pace using web-based interactive tools and resources.

What to Expect

Quitting commercial tobacco takes courage, time and community support. It can take several tries to quit for good and we will be here for each one. We help you with the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional factors that make quitting commercial tobacco hard. Our American Indian Coaches help you:

  • Set a quit date
  • Tell your family and support system about your quit attempt
  • Prepare for cravings and triggers
  • Find the right quit medications
  • Get back on track after slips
  • Remove commercial tobacco from your life

Enroll online or by phone at 1-855.524.7848.