Do you have a patient who is interested in quitting commercial tobacco? Here are answers to common questions about the American Indian Commercial Tobacco Program (AICTP):

What does the AICTP offer participants?
Participants who enroll in the AICTP gain access to numerous program offerings. Based on their needs and communication style, participants can create a plan that works for them. These program offerings include:

  • Coaching with an American Indian Coach by phone and additional support via email, text or instant message. Our standard program includes up to 10 proactive coaching sessions, and the potential for some additional support where appropriate. Our Coaches are available to participants seven days a week.
  • Full pharmacotherapy program, including nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) provisions and coordination of pharmacy benefits. Depending on the state, insurance provider, or other local public health and employer-sponsored benefits, eight weeks of NRT is offered through the program (subject to individual eligibility and availability of medication).
  • Planning and educational materials (online or on paper) to help participants map out their journey to quitting commercial tobacco
  • Membership in an online community of others who are working hard to become commercial tobacco free
  • Clinical oversight by Medical and Clinical Directors and extensive training of Coaches and staff by National Jewish Health; and the Council on Tobacco Treatment Training Programs has accredited our intensive Coach training program

How much does the AICTP cost participants?
The AICTP is a free program. Costs are paid for by the public health department, health plans or employers. If the participant chooses to use nicotine quit medications, they may receive medication for free. The amount of medication varies by state and other factors. After the participant uses the medication available through the AICTP, Coaches will work to locate other sources of medication such as through their health plan and employer.

What populations does the AICTP serve?
The AICTP was developed to meet the specific needs of American Indians who are quitting commercial tobacco. The AICTP was created in response to the disproportionate impact of targeted marketing of commercial tobacco to American Indians and the increased negative health impact from commercial tobacco. The program was developed with input from Tribal communities and community stakeholders across the United States representing Mountain West, Plains and Great Lakes Regions.

Our approach is congruent with the traditional tobacco movement of American Indians restoring tobacco for sacred use and reducing commercial tobacco use. We also offer specialized protocols for additional priority populations, including, teens — especially teens who are vaping — and pregnant or postpartum women. Our Coaches are trained to work with diverse populations and our AICTP Coaches are specialized in working with American Indians.

Why should I refer my patients to the AICTP instead of another commercial tobacco cessation program?
Our program was informed through extensive community consultation and was designed to meet the request for a culturally appropriate resource. AICTP Coaches are all American Indians who are trained to the same high standards as our Quitline Coaches, and they provide all coaching services within the AICTP. Other programs may not demonstrate the same level of commitment to delivering service from American Indians within their own community.

The National Jewish health Quitline has some of the highest success rates in the country, with a 37% responder quit rate for those who use coaching and NRT and a 90% participant satisfaction rate. The AICTP is operated by National Jewish Health, the nation’s leading respiratory hospital known for its expertise in prevention and treatment of chronic disease. Our evidence-based programs are proven with clinical outcomes that meet or exceed national standards. And, we reinvest all profits from our programs to further scientific and medical research.

How do I refer patients to the AICTP?
To refer a patient, please complete an online referral.

What are the education and qualifications of the AICTP Coaches?
Our Coaches must have a bachelor's or master's degree in social work, psychology or other health related area or equivalent clinical experience along with knowledge of American Indian traditions and communities. Coaches complete the Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training Program accredited by the Council on Tobacco Treatment Training Programs (CTTTP). This is an extensive training program with standards for core competencies, training and credentialing of tobacco treatment providers. Our Coaches are among the most experienced in the country at providing remote coaching, due to the large volume of participants we help every day.

Do my patients need to work with a Coach as part of the AICTP?
Participants do not have to work with a Coach—they can instead choose to use our planning and education materials via our Online Only program. However, working with a Coach and using quit medications increases the chances of your patient quitting. Learn more about the different AICTP plans.

How do participants work with AICTP Coaches?
Participants work with AICTP Coaches over the phone, and they can choose to receive additional support via email, text or instant message — whichever way is convenient and comfortable for them. As part of the program, a Coach will contact the participant up to 10 times to check in and see what support they need. Participants also can reach out to their Coach as often as they need.